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LSI-TEC's Design House offers design services for several platforms as in the following:

Integrated Circuit & FPGA Design

We provide analog, digital and RF design as circuital blocks (IP's) or ASIC. Also, we program FPGA circuits for fast prototyping as well as a final product.

Printed Circuit Board Design

We design PCB for prototyping our chips as well as a stand-alone hardware for several applications, like IoT modules, LED illumination drivers, etc.

Embedded Firmware Design

We design machine code for custom digital circuits and embedded cores like DSP's and CPU's (eg: ARM's) and also entire embedded operating systems.


These are the available IP's from LSI-TEC. Please, check periodically for updates.
We can provide customization and new technologies re-targeting as a service.
If you need an entirely new IP, not listed here, please contact us.

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